A New Company Emerges

 Two Dudes was born on 2.3.2010 @ 10:30 AM.  It was launched as a dream for two ordinary, average people that always wanted to own a business but realized on their own they suffered the talents necessary to achieve success.  By joining their strengths together they felt it was the right mix and perfect timing to attempt greatness.


The Story Behind The Name

     It was a nice sunny day outside, and having established various elements of the business we still had not discussed what our company name would be.  Driving in the truck I ask Dave “So what is our name going to be?”  He looks over and says “I haven’t thought about it but we could call it Two Dudes Window Cleaning as far as I am concerned; so long as the service is great.”  I laughed and tried coming up with more conservative names.  We shot a few back and forth but after clear view, sky bright, preferred, and other rejections we agreed to revisit it later.  In the meantime I mentioned to my wife and others about our conversation, and couldn’t help but laugh about it.  Dave had done the same with his family and friends.  The next time together I told Dave “You know that name Two Dudes is kind of growing on me” and his reply was “me too”, and we both laughed hysterically.  We then knew we had our name.


Customer Service Where Are You?

     We feel there is a real need to provide great customer service that has been misplaced in our society.  Having experienced the overall lack of customer service ourselves we knew that Two Dudes was not going down that familiar path.  Two Dudes intends to avoid these pitfalls and be a different kind of company.  One of our goals is to provide you with the same level of service we would expect for ourselves.



 Dave Allen


     Hi Dave here, I am a 44 year old juggling, window cleaning, do it yourselfer.  I have been married for 12 years, and have four kids, two dogs and a cat. (WHEW!!)  I am a coffee enthusiast and don’t know how to function before my first cup of pitch black, knock you down strong coffee every morning!

     I have thirteen years of window cleaning experience.  They say I am a jack of all trades but window cleaning is my specialty.  Yep, I said it, and its true, I like to clean windows…. Really it’s relaxing.  From the everyday routine windows, to the difficult how in the world am I going to get to that window situation, this job keeps life interesting!

     You are probably wondering what the juggler photos are doing on a window cleaning website, well……. That’s me.  I have been juggling on and off for 20 years and have done work for Montgomery co. the city of Dayton and assorted churches in the area.

     Well that’s me, just trying to pay the bills, and do something fulfilling at the same time.  See you out there!!!!!



  Aaron Sellers



    How do you follow that up?  I mean a juggler?  Ok here goes.  To date I have taken a trip around the sun just over 15,000 times and reside in Fairborn, Ohio.  I lived in Tampa, Florida for about a year where I met my wife.  I was married 3 days after 9/11 and will never forget my anniversary that is for certain.  I have 18 years of window cleaning experience, worked for two different companies; one each in Ohio and Florida, and now co-own a third.  I had 4 years retail experience prior to cleaning windows.  I attend church religiously since there is no other way to do it.  I like to cook, ride bikes, hang out with the family and consider myself a coffee connoisseur.  I’m somewhat of a techno geek and threw together this very website you’re reading;   so if you like the design feel free to throw me some kudos, but if not don’t worry as I am not quitting my day job.   My favorite color is orange;   I know you never would have guessed, and it has kind of GROWN on Dave.  By my estimates I figure I have cleaned over 400,000 windows to date and my goal is to reach 1,000,000 by retirement.  Well maybe.










D.A.B, Audiobooks, Dune Bible, 1984, E-Myth, Power of 2  


They Might Be Giants Jazz, Classical, Christian  


Popular Science & Mechanics, National Geographic & Cars Inc. & Perspectives  

City or Country

Country City  


Pepsi Coca Cola  

Which Depot?

Home Office  

Favorite Season

Spring Fall  

Political Party

Independant Constitutional  

Persons of Interest

Einstein, Ethan Allen Milton Hershey, Frederick Douglass, Solomon  

Best Talents

Fixing Things, Dextrous, Juggling Writer, Good Listener, Tech Savvy  

Worst Fears

Ocean Water, Truck Stop Coffee Bees, Public Speaking  








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