Q.  Are Two Dudes qualified professionals?

A.  We have 30 combined years of experience and have come across just about every type of window and storms existing.  We keep ourselves up to date on the latest information and techniques using the latest in window cleaning equipment, and have reviewed ladder safety procedures in addition to other common safety measures.  We also have undergone extensive drug screens and background checks.  We carry $2 million dollars insurance of liability so rest assured we are committed and serious about what we do.


Q.  What can I expect in your window cleaning process?

A.  The very first thing we do is inspect windows for damage or cosmetic issues.  We remove any muttons and/or screens and take down cobwebs around the window frames.  Then we will start the actual cleaning process of using a scrubber dipped in a soap and water mixture to remove all debris.  Next we squeegee off all the water from top to bottom.  We then towel off the edges of the window to prevent drips.  We wipe off any excess water from your sill and ledges.  The final step is insertion of muttons and/or screens.


Q.  How will Two Dudes protect my floors, walls, furniture, and possessions?

A.  We are glad you asked.  This is highly important to us that we take care of your belongings.  For the floors we wear shoe covers, for protection of walls we use ladder pads.  We just ask you to move any valuables and sentimental items ahead of our arrival.


Q.  Is it necessary for me to be at home for an estimate?

A.  No, it is not required, but we prefer to come out in person to generate a more accurate estimate.  For this very reason in most cases we do not quote prices over the phone.  For a more instant quote feel free to feel out our photo estimate found here 

 Q.  I just had my windows cleaned.  Why does one or more of them appear foggy?

A.  You may not have noticed this if your windows were dirty.  When the seal breaks on a manufacturer’s double pane window; moisture penetrates in between the two panes of glass leaving a haze or foggy look that will not go away.  Check to see if your window(s) is still covered under warranty and be alert that in the future more of your windows may end up in the same fashion.  This is cosmetic only and will not affect your home’s energy efficiency.




Q.  What happens if it rains the day of my windows getting cleaned?

A.  At Two Dudes Window Cleaning we have a 3 Day Rain Promise that states we will come back up to 3 days after a rainstorm to reclean any windows that spotted up.  Usually this is one side of a house.  If it rains the day of our scheduled service for outside window cleaning we usually try to go ahead and clean them if it is drizzling or just light rain.  If it is more of a moderate to heavy rain we will reschedule your outside window cleaning for another day.  We don’t strong arm any of our customers into having it done on a rainy day.  If you aren’t comfortable that is perfectly fine with us.  We wouldn’t get our cars washed on a rainy day, and Two Dudes strives for your complete satisfaction.


Q.  If I choose to have my exterior windows cleaned on a rainy day will they spot up?

A.  Generally, no they will not spot since we are removing the surface dirt on the windows that causes the spots to appear, but in some instances whether it’s the wind as a culprit, or chalky window frames are to blame then spotting may occur.


 Q.  Do you clean windows in the winter?

A.  On outside windows we make every attempt if a customer wants them cleaned.   We can safely clean to around 20°F depending on windchill.   To clean in temps below this we would have to use pure methanol which is unsafe for humans and pets alike, can become a fire hazard when spreading this flammable chemical on the exterior of your home, and isn’t good for the environment.  Besides that; when you get to below 20° ladders freeze up, towels freeze, water refreezes on your window sills, and we can’t provide the same level of cleaning that meets our standard of excellence.  We run deep discount specials on  window cleaning and provide snow removal services for residential driveways and sidewalks in the winter months.




Q.  What is included in your vinyl siding house wash?

A.  We clean the gutter facing, fascia, soffits, vinyl, and other surfaces as part of our standard cleaning.  


Q.  When pressure washing the vinyl siding will it cause damage to it or my plants?

A.  We use a technique commonly referred to as Soft Washing.  This simply means that we use low pressure cleaning which includes chemical, dwell time, agitation, and rinsing to achieve maximum results.  The soap formula that we use is plant and environmentally friendly.  It will not damage any vegetation and you won’t even have to worry about watering your plants that day!


Q.  Are you able to get that icky black mold and green algae off my house?

A.  Absolutely!  Not only can we remove common dirt, but also any fungus, mold, algae, cobwebs, and other types of organisms.  There may be a shadow effect once the stain comes off depending on how long it has been there, but this is rare.  


Q.  What are the types of surfaces that you clean?

A.  We can clean just about any surface.  This includes but is not limited to:  vinyl, brick, wood, concrete, stone, dryvit, stucco, aluminum, asphalt, and painted surfaces.

Q.  Do you perform any staining or sealing of surfaces?  (i.e decks, concrete)

A.  No, not at this time.




Q.  Do you offer any coupons or discounts?

A.  Yes, we like saving money ourselves and realize the great feeling in getting a deal.  We offer a senior discount of 10% off for ages 62 & up.  There is also a frequency discount for customers that prefer maintaining their windows as an option.  Please note that we do not any longer combine discounts.  (Amended 3/18/19)


Q.  Do you do length of term contracts that lock customers into a price?

A.  No, we don’t for two reasons.  Reason one is we have found customers don’t like contracts.  Reason two is inflation and costs are rapidly changing.  However our estimates are good for a period of one year.


Q.  What kinds of things would constitute an additional charge?

A.  In instances of more than half of the house windows being covered in paint spray, silicone, caulk, varnish or wood stains, screen burn, hard water stains, artillery fungus, tree sap, nicotine stains, or other hard to remove substances, or blind removal to access your windows, an additional charge would occur but we would inform you at the time of estimate if you are at home. 


Q.  What methods of payment do you accept?

A.  Two Dudes accepts checks, cash, and major credit cards.  You can pay on our website using our Secure pay form.  (Mastercard, Visa, Amercian Express & Discover)




Q.  What if I need to reschedule my window cleaning for another day?

A.  That is no problem for us, we just ask that you give us 24 hours notice if at all possible.  We realize that life throws unexpected events at us so if you need to reschedule even at the last minute Two Dudes does not impose surcharges of any kind.



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