Two Dudes Window Cleaning

 3 Day Rain Promise!


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Two Dudes¬†was proud¬†be Dayton Ohio’s¬†first¬†window cleaning company with a 3 Day Rain Promise and we are extending that to all of our residential Cincinnati, Ohio customers.¬† We¬†stand behind¬†our work performed on rainy days, and 3 days thereafter.¬† If¬†it rains the¬†day of your scheduled outside window cleaning and (we¬†obtain your permission to clean¬†them) if¬†you later find¬†that the windows¬†have spotted up,¬†we will come back and re-clean your windows¬†free of charge.¬† We find that¬†spotting tends to be on one side of the house and that once we remove initial dirt the rainwater will not spot up your windows.¬† (See FAQ’S Page for more on this)


      If there is light rain, drizzle or scattered rainstorms we will go ahead and make an attempt to clean your windows.  However if it happens to be moderate to heavy rain, or a rainstorm with lightning we will go ahead and reschedule at your convenience. 


¬†¬†¬† ¬† If you absolutely need your windows cleaned for a party, event, or other time sensitive function¬†we don’t mind working in a heavy rainstorm (except lightning) but¬†realize this¬†rare¬†occurence will not¬†fit¬†under¬†our Rain Promise umbrella.