Residential Window Cleaning is where the Two Dudes shine the most.  We can clean windows from ground level all the way up to those third story windows that make some people frightened.  We not only clean your windows but also your tracks, sills and wipe up the frames.  What good is a clean window with cobwebs left all around the frame, or dirty water left on your window sill that you have to go behind and clean up.  We wear shoe covers to protect your flooring, use ladder pads to protect your walls, towels under our bucket, and are careful around your property.  Best of all with our 20 years combined experience we have seen just about every type of window, mutton, storm imaginable and have the know how to clean it properly.  We are insured, drug screened, background checked, and fully capable of giving you the results you want (with a smile).




Did You Know? РArtillery Fungus 

      Artillery fungus, also called shotgun fungus, appears as little brown spots on the siding of your house or windows.  The fungus comes in as little spores, usually in organic mulch, rotted wood, or dung. The spores gather water and explode in cool spring weather, shooting pieces of itself up to 15 feet. These pieces adhere to walls with a sticky substance, and although they will not cause any structural damage, cause an unsightly mess on the surface. The spots are very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to remove without damaging the surface underneath. With the right tools and knowledge, however, you can remove the unsightly spots as much as possible and prevent their recurrence.  Here at two dudes we can remove these unsightly brown specs from your windows (extra charge may apply depending on the amount) by using a razor blade.